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We offer unique services at very reasonable prices. We are the only national drug and alcohol testing company that offers mobile services 24/7. All of our specimen collectors are certified and professional compliance specialists. We help promote a drug free workplace, and assist companies to be in compliance with any state or federal laws, such as DOT regulations. For DNA testing, we are also mobile...

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Westchester Drug Testing offers top rated and professional Drug Testing in Purchase. [Read More]

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    Mobile Drug Testing Services, Mobile Alcohol Testing, Mobile Student & Athletic Testing, DNA Testing, Background Checks, Drug and Alcohol Training Classes
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    Mobile drug testing services include random reasonable suspicion, post-accident follow-up, return to duty mobile alcohol testing and more!
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    Labs are SAMHSA Certified

Drug Testing Tips

Drug Testing Tips

Westchester Drug Testing provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Drug Testing ]

Westchester Drug Testing | Mobile Drug Testing Services, Mobile Alcohol Testing and More

One aspect of running a successful business is maintaining trust between employees and employer. While the prospect of drug testing in the workplace may seem adversary to some, it can ease the hiring process and can help identify drug problems in employees and the workplace as a whole. Those who wish to perform drug testing should enlist a qualified company that can provide efficient and capable professional assistance. Westchester Drug Testing can provide clients with reliable results at affordable prices, and can help clients and employees through every step of the testing process. Any business, big or small, can benefit from the assistance of a professional drug testing company. Especially in this economy, the hiring process can be tedious and time-consuming.

Drug testing can provide employers with peace of mind in their decisions while also providing employees with stable coworkers and a stable work environment. Even for existing employees, regular or intermittent drug tests can work to ensure trust and honesty within the workplace and can help employers locate significant drug problems in the work place. Westchester Drug Testing can provide various tests for different drug types and can provide fast results for clients. Westchester can also perform their drug tests on site, making the testing process even smoother. Potential or existing employees need take only a few minutes out of their day and employers do not have to worry about jeopardized test results or travel expenses. Results of the tests can be provided quickly and with high reliability.

Employers who are interested in performing drug testing in their workplace should consider working with a reliable company that can provide professional results. Using a company like Westchester Drug Testing reduces uncomfortable employer-employee relations, increases trust in the workplace, and ensures that clients are provided with reliable results for every test.